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Integral Research Services

We deliver complex research through our experience and understanding in diverse markets and our expertise in quality global data collection.


Integral Research Services

The value we bring to clients is in our expertise, depth of industry knowledge, and experience in the research process from end-to-end.

We understand the universe sizes within your market. We select the best data collection methodology, sample sources and appropriate sample sizes for your project. We are experts in localization and know how to engage and incentivize respondents.

Data Processing

Our Data Processing team are experts in validation – ensuring that supplied data is correct and relevant, sorting – “arranging items in some sequence and/or in different sets”, summarization – reducing detail data to its main points, aggregation – combining multiple pieces of data, analysis – the “collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data”, reporting – list detail or summary data or computed information and classification – separation of data into various categories.

Global Offline Data Collection (CATI)

From our connected Executive Interviewing Centers we talk to the most challenging, almost impossible to target respondents, ranging from fund managers in EU to Software Developers in the US and CIO’s in China.

The respondents who participate in our surveys are major influencers within their companies, their industries, and the overall economy. Demand for their opinions is high, but getting access to them is difficult; they are hard to find and even harder to interview. They do not join online panels to conduct surveys. And they are not responsive to telephone calls from inexperienced call center interviewers, who they assume are telemarketers.

We have developed a different type of call center solution, one that is 100% specialized in recruiting B2B executives from around the world. We’ve created a different type of experience for both the interviewer and the respondent which results in higher levels of cooperation and success with difficult studies.

Global Online Data Collection

The emergence of new online sampling methodologies, the abundance of online sample sources, as well as the reality of fraudulent and professional respondents have created new and unique challenges for our industry.

We have been very creative in building a network of online sample sources worldwide that we can use to target a wide range of hard-to-reach audiences. Each source has been screened and validated. A sampling plan is built for every project, and when appropriate we blend multiple sources and methodologies to increase sample representation and feasibility. Using a combination of sample management best practices, respondent verification, data cleaning, and technology controls, we identify fraudulent behavior and professional respondents, taking the concern away from our clients.

Global Mobile Data Collection

Our mobile data collection solution captures critical feedback at the right time and in the right manner. Mobile (cellphone) enabled surveys are increasingly becoming the go-to methodology.

Panel Management

Our Panel Management software provides panel members with a great experience, maximizing the quantity and quality of their responses. The team’s goal is to deliver end-to-end international research services for companies, management consultants, research agencies and universities across the globe.

Project Management

IR’s Professional Services team works with you individually to understand your program and provide deeper insights into how to improve your business.

Survey Programming

Our highly experienced team deploys surveys across multiple channels – including digital, web, CAPI, CATI and mobile.

Our survey design software, Confirmit Authoring, is a professional survey tool that enables IR to design surveys that are highly sophisticated to support a variety of survey programs such as Customer Experience, Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee, and Market Research.

Translation Services

We provide comprehensive language services in core market sectors such as Market Research (where we are the industry leaders), Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Consumer & Retail, Training & Learning, and Manufacturing & Engineering for global clients. We translate and localize into all major languages and our resources are industry experts who only translate into their native language.


The operational requirements and expertise required to successfully
execute complex projects varies dramatically from industry to industry.
Here at Integral Research we have built a considerable amount of expertise across
the different industry sectors.



Financial Services

Food Services







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