Integral Research Services

We deliver complex research through our experience and understanding in diverse markets and our expertise in quality global data collection.


Integral Research Services

The value we bring to clients is in our expertise, depth of industry knowledge, and experience in the research process from end-to-end.

We understand the universe sizes within your market. We select the best data collection methodology, sample sources and appropriate sample sizes for your project. We are experts in localization and know how to engage and incentivize respondents.

Data Processing

Our expert team processes, validates, categorises and delivers relevant and reliable data from multiple sources

Global Offline Data Collection

(CATI) We survey major influencers – hard to reach in-demand industry experts

Global Online Data Collection

A global network of online sample sources targeting a range of hard-to-reach audiences

Global Mobile Data Collection

Our mobile data collection solution captures critical feedback at the right time and in the right manner

Panel Management

Our software offers great UX for panel members, maximizing the quantity and quality of their responses

Project Management

Our team works closely with you to understand your goals and provide deeper insights to improve your business

Survey Programming

Using Confirmit Authoring software, our team designs highly sophisticated surveys across multiple channels

Translation Services

We provide comprehensive language translation and localisation services in core market sectors

Global Expert Networks

Helping clients gain access to industry experts across the globe to gain insight for their projects


The operational requirements and expertise required to successfully
execute complex projects varies dramatically from industry to industry.
Here at Integral Research we have built a considerable amount of expertise across
the different industry sectors.



Financial Services

Food Services & Hospitality


Retail & Wholesale


Travel & Tourism


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