Integral Research Services

We deliver complex research through our experience and understanding in diverse markets and our expertise in quality global data collection.

Mixed mode recruitment, unparalleled experience and capabilities.


Services and Capabilities

Engage with experts who will consult with you and make recommendations on how best to conduct global consumer and global B2B qualitative and quantitative research. Utilizing industry leading technology every step of the way providing the most holistic approach to fraud in the industry.



Qual Services

In-depth interviews, focus groups (online and in-person), dyad and triads (online and in-person)


Quant Services

CATI, online surveys, phone to web, mixed mode, tracking studies 


Research Operations

Data collection, survey programming, translations, data reporting services

Integral Qualitative Services

If you are struggling to find a supplier to help you with your qualitative work, Integral Research can help.

From recruiting niche audiences, scheduling, ensuring respondents show up, to moderating, we have some of the largest differentiators for delivering the highest quality qualitative work in the industry.

It all starts with the Integral custom recruited expert network for business executives and consumers. From general consumers to truck drivers to CEOs, we can deliver on some of the most complex projects there are.

When you layer in our best in class in-house executive call center, and our full-service experience and background, it is no wonder why some of the leading brands rely on Integral for qualitative research services.

Having it all in house means you get thew highest quality at the best price.

Integral Quantitative Services

If you are concerned about fraud in quantitative fieldwork, we offer a complete holistic solution to ensure quality insights for your project


The widespread industry issue of fraud in quantitative fieldwork continues to grow daily and is the main reason for insights being ruined, and clients being lost.

One of the ways Integral is fixing that problem is having our own consumer and B2B expert supply.

Having these supply options give us the ability to consult with you on the best strategies to deliver the highest quality for any given project and budget. When you factor in Integral’s different industry leading and proprietary fraud technologies, we have the most complete holistic solution that changes the conversation.

So, whether you are looking to do a census balanced consumer recruit, an international B2B C-level recruit, or a B2B audience you regularly need to contact, reach out to one of our experts for a free consultation.

Full Service Research Operations

End to end research services, full service and outsourcing capabilities


Programming & Hosting

Sophisticated programming team, leveraging Forsta

Translations & Localizations

Questionnaire translation and localization in any language / market

Panel Management

Panel and respondent management services 


Project Management

Sample management, custom audience recruitment, field management 

Online Data Collection

Custom recruiting through LinkedIn, vetted online panels, purchases list

Offline Data Collection – CATI

Proprietary executive interviewing centers (EIC) spanning 25 languages


Data Processing

Data cleaning and delivery, coding, OE translations

PowerPoint Charting

Customized reporting, output in slide format

Statistic Services

Weighting and other statistical services 

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